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Admit it. You aren't like them. You're not even close. You want to shake things up. You love wine, but you're tired of homogeny. You want to push forward. You want to be extraordinary. We finally found you.


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Our mission

We create wines, experiences, and stories unlike any in the world and inspire people through highly-expressive winemaking, sincere hospitality, and cool, creative environments.


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Our Values

Be Different
Creativity and curiosity drive us. By pursuing what is fundamentally fresh, different, and exciting, we create our biggest competitive advantage. We believe that a sharper nail is better than a bigger hammer. We mimic no one. We lead, innovate, and take risks. 

Give a shit
Our team is made of self-starters. We are passionate, ambitious, and love to win. We take pride in the quality and consistency of our work because it helps our business and because it reflects our individual character and integrity.

Embrace Growth
For our company to thrive, we must be financially profitable and grow professionally. We act in the best interest of our business. We stay lean, mean, and flexible. We strive to create new opportunities and celebrate our successes.

Stay Cool
Life is short. We believe that hard work should enable us to live rewarding lives. In effort to maintain a healthy life-work balance, we must cut out all bullshit. Our work days are fun, productive, and positive. We adore our customers and are grateful for them. To each other we are open, honest, and selfless. We treat everyone with respect. 


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Our individual uniqueness makes a strong collective.

We thrive on people, places and opportunities that are authentic and unique. With this comes our core value of being inclusive, respectful and appreciative of each other’s differences. We know through experience that different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds create a stronger sense of belonging and more meaningful work environment that delivers better results. Let’s remain unified in our shared commitment to acceptance, innovation and social responsibility.


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Our Perks

Awesome Healthcare
We offer top-tier medical, dental, and vision coverage for eligible employees, fully paid for by Farm Collective. Employees can also add additional dependents and life insurance too.

Unlimited vacation*
Got your attention? Ok, there's an asterisk because we have some rules and requirements, but our exempt, salaried team members enjoy flexible, uncapped time off. Eligible hourly team members enjoy generous PTO accrual and paid holidays including birthdays and work anniversaries. And to show that we're serious about time off, there's even a vacation minimum.

Better Compensation
We pay above industry average with bonus opportunities for most positions.

Solid Retirement
Although we think you'll want to work with us forever, we know you may have dreams of retiring on a yacht in the Caribbean, and we want to help you work towards those goals. Eligible employees can invest in a Simple IRA with company matching available from day one. 

Work Remotely
You don't always have to be here. Say what? Some members of our team, based on position and status, have the opportunity to work remotely when it makes sense.

Wine Allocation
The most obvious perk, you'll get most new releases as a part of your ongoing "training."

Cool Vibes
Our team is just f***ing cool. If you want to work with fun, creative people, you need to join our team. We're not corporate. We love food and wine, don't take ourselves too seriously, and listen to good music. And ask around, we're one of the most innovative wine groups in California, so if you want to learn and do cool stuff, we got you.

Fun Stuff
We have motorized standing desks, Macs, fancy color-changing lights, multiple drones, a dedicated LaCroix fridge, office plants (that are a pain in the ass), record players, team tastings, team lunches, field trips, and so much more.

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Recommend Someone

Know a talented soul that wants to work in wine? Put us in touch with them at and we'll make it worth your while.

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