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April New Wine Drop

April New Wine Drop

Contains 1 bottle each:

G-Funk, Red Wine, California

In the glass, it's got the dark purple paint coat of a '64 Impala. Poke your head in and soak up a complex and mouthwatering array of dark fruit aromas, accented by hints of red licorice and violets. Once it drops in your mouth, your tongue will be delighted by a rhythmic wave of raspberries followed by deeper flavors of blackberry and black cherry, with notes of cola, black pepper, and leather. The wine features a lush, velvety texture and a lingering finish. Basically, the rhythm is the bass and the bass is the treble.

Darling Don't Cry, Red Wine, California

This enigmatic Petite Sirah-dominant red shimmers a bright cherry-ruby in your glass. The captivating color hints at the playful twist this blend holds, a result of a unique and meticulous winemaking technique called reverse saignée. Inspired by the traditional saignée method used for rosé production, this process involves adding fermenting Petite Sirah juice to a vat of whole cluster grapes.

Unlike the classic method where juice is removed for rosé, this "reverse" approach creates a carbonic maceration environment. This technique allows fermentation to occur under a blanket of carbon dioxide, minimizing oxidation and preserving the grape's delicate fruit character. This meticulous approach is a testament to the dedication and innovation of our winemaking team, resulting in a wine that captures the pure, fruity, juicy essence of Petite Sirah.

2022 Floral Pleasure, White Wine, California

On the palate, this wine hits with a perfect balance of roundness and bright, clean elegance. Though a dry wine, the Gewürztraminer and Riesling present add a delicate sweetness, as if there was a subtle wild honey rinse in your glass. Grüner Vetliner adds that crisp acidity that keeps your lips smacking with delight and reaching for more. With a lightness that creates the illusion of your taste buds dancing on a cloud of intricate flavors, you can sip on this all afternoon as the sun begins to wind down and create whimsical shadows on the springtime blooms. As you drink, you'll notice notes of Meyer lemon, lime, beeswax, and minerality swirling.

Hella Fizz, Pét-Nat Sparkling White Wine, California

That first sip explodes with a burst of sunshine and perfume – juicy clementines dancing with fragrant jasmine, the smell of summer in the city. Gewurztraminer and Riesling bring the tropical vibes, then the Chardonnay and Greco Bianco weave in a smooth honeysuckle sweetness, creating a perfect harmony on the palate. It's like cruising down the 101, windows down, blasting California Love – a little bit of everything, perfectly blended. Don't let the sunshine and honeysuckle fool you, this ain't no sugary cooler. Hella Fizz finishes dry and refreshing, like a cool Pacific breeze cutting through a hot California afternoon. It's a taste that lingers, reminding you of good times and endless summer days.

And the bubbles? Don't even get us started. Frothy and alive, they're like that feeling when your favorite band hits the stage at the Fillmore. Hella Fizz comes in a sleek glass bottle with a crown cap, ready to be popped open at Dolores Park or your next backyard BBQ. No fuss, just pure California fun.

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