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Light n' Bright 4-Pack

Light n' Bright 4-Pack

Contains 1 bottle each:

2022 Floral Pleasure, White Wine, California

On the palate, this wine hits with a perfect balance of roundness and bright, clean elegance. Though a dry wine, the Gewürztraminer and Riesling present add a delicate sweetness, as if there was a subtle wild honey rinse in your glass. Grüner Vetliner adds that crisp acidity that keeps your lips smacking with delight and reaching for more. With a lightness that creates the illusion of your taste buds dancing on a cloud of intricate flavors, you can sip on this all afternoon as the sun begins to wind down and create whimsical shadows on the springtime blooms. As you drink, you'll notice notes of Meyer lemon, lime, beeswax, and minerality swirling on your palate. 

Darling Don't Cry, Red Wine, California

On the nose, the wine transports you to a hidden garden. Earthy herbs like rosemary and lavender mingle with hints of vintage potpourri and a whisper of worn leather. Delicate rose petals and a burst of raspberry peek through, creating a fascinating and unexpected contrast.

The first sip is a revelation. Soft, plush, and pillowy, the wine caresses your palate with a symphony of flavors. Imagine strawberry preserves dancing a tango with decadent milk chocolate, a touch of earthy leather adding a touch of intrigue. This isn't your average wine; it's a captivating story unfolding with every sip.

2022 Tutto Passa, Red Wine, California

The characteristics of this wine are classic for Barbera. With high acidity and low tannins, this wine hits with assertion and tenacity right at the front of the palette, but only after you experience its stunning aromas on the nose: dark cherries, anise, a touch of vanilla and pine. The bright vibrance of this wine will dance on tastebuds, as it goes on to coat the whole palate with complex layers of flavor. A ton of lively fruit will hit you when sipping this magnificent wine, but you’ll notice herbaceous hints of rosemary and thyme, making it an excellent accompaniment to the turkey and stuffing on your Thanksgiving table. With a light body, but still lots of big flavor characteristics, this is a beautiful wine for the holiday season, and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser: perfect to slow down with and appreciate the simple, excellent moments in life shared with the people you love. 

2022 Hot Fuss, White Wine, California

In the glass, marvel at the golden straw hues. Sink your nose in and vibe on the lemon, apple, and white blossom aromas. In your mouth, let your tongue swirl around the smooth textures and savor flavors of pear, fresh citrus, honey, and white spice. Oh, and the fruitful finish will leave you vibrating like a V8 motor.

You'll want to pair this baby with oysters, sushi, spicy Thai dishes, schnitzel, or some good old-fashioned American French fries.


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