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Super Secret Mixed Case

Super Secret Mixed Case

4 bottles each of:

Wild Child Rosé
Meet the delicious, refreshing follow-up to Stars Like Ours and Forever Baby, our free-spirited Wild Child. One sip of this, and you'll never go back to boring Rosé.

If you've been with us a while, you know the lengths we will go to create a crisp, Provençal-style Rosé that tops all of our previous efforts. This year's effort is no exception. In fact, it blows away our previous bottling.

While a lot of wineries treat Rosé as a by-product of their regular red wines, AKA the "saignée" method, we believe that Rosé deserves a deliberate approach. So we select the best grape varieties, pick at the ideal ripeness, and then delicately whole-cluster-press our fruit to avoid extracting harsh textures and overwhelming color. It's a much harder and complicated method but assures us the purest, untamed expression of Rosé.

The backbone of Wild Child is Grenache and Mourvèdre from the Saureel Vineyard in El Dorado County, which sits at 1,500 feet in elevation. Not only do the Sierra Foothills have all the groovy varieties we love for Rosé, but the growing conditions are ideal for our stylistic approach. Intensely hot summers help produce fruit with bright, mouth-watering flavor and the decomposed granite soils lend the incredible minerality that keeps it all in balance. Lastly, we added Cinsaut and Counoise to the party, because we love their gypsy souls too.

And let us reiterate: this is the BEST ROSÉ we have ever made. Starting with the delicate salmon color, and gorgeous aromas of wild strawberries, grapefruit zest, and rose petals, this wine will literally make you drool. And when we say literally, we mean literally. On your tongue, you'll pick up these bright flavors of strawberry, bing cherry, and fresh watermelon complemented by sexy jasmine and tea notes. The finish? It's fucking crisp and satisfying. Just like you asked for.

At Tank, we've long celebrated rebels, misfits, and those that just don't give a shit, and as such, we blessed this wine with the name Wild Child. But how do you capture all these wild, sexy, untamed flavors in a label? The same way we always do, by calling up our longtime collaborator Sita Kaylin, and telling her we need a Trans Am, some California sun, and somebody who just doesn't give a shit.

Softcore Red Wine
Light the candles, spread some rose petals, and turn on Cinemax, because we're about to get softcore.

Now we love big, bold wines, but also acknowledge that drinking wine need not always be an intense, relentless, pull you by your ponytail type of experience. Sometimes, it needs to be soft, slow, and sensual. So we went to Bertus and said, "We want a love-makin' wine," and to that, he said, "they're all love-makin' wines." But we piqued his interest and his mind opened to explore the genre even further.

Our softcore wine needed to be full of flavor, yet delicate, and packed with spice and passion. So we turned to our friends at Rorick Heritage Vineyard, who are experts in this field, who sourced us some amazing Grenache that we brought to life through rhythmic bâtonnage. With an erotic ruby color and rich flavors, Grenache makes the perfect foundation for a sexy wine. But it couldn't be all missionary, so we sourced some Négrette from the legendary Siletto Calleri Vineyard in San Benito to literally spice it up. Négrette is a grape from southwest France and carries a really complex zestiness. Then to round out the blend, we added two favorites: Cinsault and Mourvèdre.

To preserve all the fresh flavors and aromas, we turned to our old friend carbonic maceration. This technique is most widely known for Beaujolais Nouveau-style wines. While traditional maceration involves mechanical pressing, carbonic maceration is more delicate and natural. Rather than toss the grapes in a press, we seal them whole-cluster inside of a vessel and pump in CO2 to deprive the grapes of oxygen. Once that happens, the grapes release an enzyme, which starts a process of fermentation inside each individual berry, which eventually causes the grapes to burst and macerate themselves.

With a medium body in the glass, the first thing you'll notice when you smell this wine is the spice. White pepper and celery salt intermingle with ripe cherry aromas. Once deep (but not too deep) inside your mouth, flavors of wild cherries and blackberries wash over your tongue with a satiny texture and reveal notes of oak, earth, hot dogs...c'mon, that's sexy. The finish lingers, leaving you with a desire for more with every sip.

Softcore is satisfying on its own, but extremely versatile when it comes to food. It pairs well with everything from risotto, to rare chateaubriand, chocolate truffles...and Chicago-style hot dogs. Honestly, we've loved slightly chilling the wine.

So turn on some easy listening jazz, pour a bath, and give in to a softcore night of wine drinking.

Honky Tonk Girl Red Wine
Howdy, y’all! Goodness gracious, Heavens to Betsy! We sure hope you’re ready for a honky tonkin’ wine made for a darn rootin’ tootin’ time. A galactic blend of 58% Malbec, 14% Petite Sirah, 10% Valdiguié, 9% Syrah, 9% Alicante Bouschet, this California red wine will send your taste buds rocketing into outer space. 

Honky Tonk Girl is as pretty as a peach and finer than frog hair split four ways. Raspberries, blackberries, and tobacco meteor out of the glass. Smooth, with leather and pepper on the tongue, this red wine has an abundance of luxuriant tannins and structure that’ll make you throw a hissy fit fixin’ for a good ole’ pulled pork sandwich and slaw. You’ll surely have a hankerin’ for this celestial Malbec beaut ‘til the cows come home.

Honky Tonk Girls were women who entertained cowboys in saloons, later called honky-tonks, during the 1800s in Texas. In her debut 1960 single, Honky Tonk Girl, Loretta Lynn, undeniably one of the biggest female country stars of all time, detailed how a woman expresses grief and what a damn good drink could do to fill the emptiness. She wrote the song using a seventeen-dollar guitar that her husband bought her as an anniversary present.


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